The World Needs Your Hustle – Guest Post by Kevin Buchanan

For many of us, pursuing a goal looks something like this. Day one is awesome and full of excitement! You love goals and are more than confident that you can accomplish it! Day two is okay but no one told you there would be actual work involved. You want to keep going but don’t have a good plan. And by day three you have lost all motivation, convinced yourself you will try again next year, and are back on the couch enjoying your latest Netflix binge.
If this is you, I get it. I’ve been there. We all have. What I have learned over the years is that too many of our goals never reach the finish line because we forget about one little word – the WHY. There is a reason why we should pursue goals and dreams and the answer may surprise us. Yes, it helps to create the best version of our own lives, but it also plays a pivotal role in motivating someone else to do the same.
In my book, The World Needs Your Hustle, I explain how our lives are more connected than we realize. You fulfilling a goal or dream in your life affects the next person fulfilling theirs. It is a beautiful picture of how the world works. Not only will the book motivate you, but it will give you the tools needed to not only accomplish your goals but make them matter as well!
We all produce ripple effects in our lives. Our impact reaches farther than we will ever know. As we pursue goals and live out our dreams, others are watching and will find the confidence to start or keep going with a goal in their own life. I am sure someone has done this for you. Now it is your turn to inspire someone else.
Goals and dreams take hustle. But I believe you have everything you need to make it happen and when you are able to connect the why to your goal, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible. And it will make a difference in the world!
The book is available now through my website – – or on Amazon.  I have been hustling to make this goal a reality for quite some time and it is awesome to see it come true! It wasn’t always easy but it was so worth seeing it through to the end.
I appreciate my friend Tina for giving me the opportunity to share this with all of you. I love seeing how she is living out the purpose of her life and encouraging you to do the same!
Your life matters and I fully believe you have something great to offer this world. Keep dreaming, work hard, and know that what you are doing matters. Because the world needs your hustle.
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