Winging It

Winging It.I like the security of preparation. I over-pack for trips and keep a small pharmacy in my car. An extra outfit (or three) and twenty ibuprofen must come along with me…you know, just in case. If I plan to leave the state, I’ll bring along a second suitcase.

Preparing for life takes a different list of essentials. I’ve ingested extra knowledge, bought insurance policies, and planned conversations that might never occur.

Despite my best laid plans, I continue to encounter situations for which I’m unprepared. If I scramble to respond on my own power, the circumstances get the best of me. Prayer connects me to the power I need, a resource exceeding any human effort to ensure success.

While I prefer to do my personal best first, I don’t need to fear unanticipated situations. I’ve come to love relying upon the Spirit to guide and equip me, to float on the breath dispatching angelic armies to support me. That kind of “winging it” brings more blessings than my suitcases can hold.

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