Why am I here?

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Maybe you’ve got a burning desire. A distinct calling with clear steps toward your life’s goal. If you have a confident definition of your reason for living, celebrate the rare blessing of purpose.
For those who have yet to lay hold of their unique reason for existing, an emptiness stirs in the soul. Like an ancient echo, the question haunts their dreams.
Many struggle for years to satisfy a bone-deep hunger to matter. Existence isn’t enough. We desperately want our lives to mean more than a dash between two dates. Is it foolish to crave significance?
A desire for purpose resonates worldwide. We find it recorded in the history’s earliest written musings. People have long shared this drive. Far from a mark of foolishness, a need for meaning remains a defining mark of being human.
Marvelous diversity also characterizes the throng of purpose-seekers we call humanity. Appearances offer a mere toe-dunk into the vast attributes by which individuals differ. One person has certain talents and passions, while another has different qualities. Within each profession, culture, or personality type, no two individuals will ever be quite the same. Even twins identify their differences.
Like snowflakes, each of us bears a unique design and aims for a specific point of impact. Never to be duplicated or replaced, we touch the earth at a specific time in a way unlike anyone else.
Therefore, you matter.
Your impact, its volume and nature, makes a difference. The percussive waves of those your life touches extend far beyond human capacity to measure them. Destructive effects or improvements pass as energetic ripples from the source outward. Lack of impact makes a difference, too. Those around us ache when we leave them bereft of benefits we alone can provide.
Which reminds me of the amazing story behind a classic motion picture.
Frank’s crew often doubted their struggling little film could make it. Challenges mounted, and some wondered if the reels would be seen by an audience. When the movie hit theaters in 1946, it bombed. Far from insignificant, however, it rose to become one of the most popular films ever developed. I’m so thankful Frank Capra didn’t give up when the movie showed such little promise. It’s A Wonderful Life reminds us how much each person matters.
As Dr. Seuss so eloquently put it, “There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
Your life matters. You have a unique purpose destined to benefit others, who would buoy your legacy along with theirs into infinite ripples of impact.
Next week, we’ll look at a few indicators to help you start narrowing down your purpose.
Until then, chat with me! Send me your questions and comments. I love hearing from you. If you’re interested in reading insights on a certain topic, I’d love to see your requests.
Hope to see you again soon!
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