When Does a Life Need Re-potting?

When Does a Life Need Re-potting?


Orchid blooms bowed toward me as I circled the aisle. I selected a tall beauty with gorgeous, snowy blooms.

The horticulturalist grinned as she helped me take the plant down from its perch. “This is a good one. See, the flowers haven’t all opened yet.”

As we began the transaction, I pointed to the roots spilling over the plastic container’s lip. “I’ll need a new pot soon. This one’s outgrowing its space.”

We searched, but found nothing to suit the plant’s destiny as a centerpiece for my table. The shop owner advised me to look elsewhere for the perfect container. The gardening expert and I agreed–this plant should not settle for less than a glorious placement.

She advised me on re-potting with orchid moss, which I will bed into a new vessel soon. Remaining in the ill-suited plastic cup could cause my precious flower to wither. The amazing orchid could die before blooming to its full potential.

The Lord lovingly tends the lives of his children, cultivating our souls to grow and bloom. Each of us carry budding potential which he intends as a blessing to others. Sometimes our spiritual roots tangle and spill over the edges of the space where God had planted us in a previous season of our growth. The gardener envisions a new position for us, but we must heed his advice and submit to the risky process of re-potting.

I’m all-too familiar with the lure of the familiar. Even an uncomfortable space offers greater comfort than the unknown. But staying put when I’m destined for another place has consequences. My spiritual potential could wither and die before I fulfill the potential God intends for my life. Though I fear the risk of a transplant, I face a far greater danger when I fail to submit to the gardener’s wise plans for me.

How do I know when the Lord has called me to another place at his table?

Today’s video discusses the following signs indicating a soul’s roots have grown too cramped to remain in their pots:

  • Urgency during prayer and meditation
  • Wise Christian counsel points out untapped potential
  • Messages and scripture confirm the prompting
  • Spiritual discomfort and dissatisfaction that increase instead of diminishing with prayer and prayer support
  • Your current ministry doesn’t match your passion or capacity, but another person has indicated interest in serving, perhaps even with a new vision.

Have you experienced these spiritually root-bound symptoms? Take heart, for you’re growing as the gardener intended! Let’s share our commitment to allow the Spirit to guide our growth and placement according to his expert plan for our potential to bless others.

As always, I look forward to reading your comments!

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