Warding off Compassion Fatigue

This week’s video continues our discussion of compassion fatigue. Instead of addressing burnout only when it reaches critical mass, here are a few tips to help ward off emotional exhaustion before it begins:

  • Schedule renewal before you burn out.
  • Examine your daily and weekly outpour v.s. intake.
  • Make self-care appointments.
  • Get accountable, and not just to yourself.
  • Immerse yourself in supportive people at least twice per week. More often if you’re on the front lines.
  • Laugh every day.
  • Share a minimum of five smiles with others each day.
  • Hug often.
  • Pour in at least three times as much inspiration as you pour out in compassionate sorrow.
  • Pay attention to your daily hydration, rest, and nutrition.
  • Monitor your red flags each week (irritability, fatigue, apathy, e.g. – see last week’s signs) to catch it early.
  • Pray without ceasing.
  • Read something uplifting and/or growth-oriented at least four times each week.
  • Know your negative media tolerance level and stick within it.
  • Pour your worries and others’ out in prayer until you’ve let go of them.
  • Add margin and quiet space, even if it means delegating responsibilities to others. Maybe ESPECIALLY if it means delegation.
  • Consider getting a mentor or coach to help you remain refreshed and unburdened. You could meet once every 4-6 weeks.

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