Vacation with Vitality: Stay-cation Like a Boss

Whether or not you plan to take a grand vacation this year, don’t miss out on opportunities to rejuvenate from the comfort of home. Stay-cations offer relaxation without the cost or time involved with travel. True refreshment from home might seem challenging, but today’s video will help you master the art.

  • Just like a vacation, try to balance activity with rest. Decide which will seem most refreshing, and plan accordingly.
  • Note which of your favorite activities are available within driving distance (shopping, crafting, fishing, e.g.).
  • Sketch your ideal afternoon of stillness (shore or pseudo-shore, hammock, music).
  • Choose a peaceful spot near home.
  • Unplug. Spend at least a few hours free from electronics to renew your mind.
  • Resist the temptation to fill the day with chores.
  • Home improvement projects are NOT a stay-cation unless you find the process relaxing (most people experience frustration instead).
  • If you can’t avoid the distraction of housework, leave your house. Find a forest, body of water, or bookstore–whatever serves as a life-giving day out.
  • Set boundaries with work.
  • Schedule each family member a time of respite. If you have kids at home, find a sitter or an engaging activity. A refrigerator-sized cardboard box can become a child’s construction project for a space shuttle, fort, etc. Suggest a themed movie marathon or a new game, but invite input from your children.
  • Feed your soul. Find a delightful new meal to try out at home or an unusual restaurant to visit nearby. Consider fun or comforting foods to share with your family (guess the exotic fruit’s origin, any-way potatoes, sundae bar, cheese tasting tray, e.g.). If you have kids, host an indoor picnic or dinner theater.
  • Add aromatherapy to your stay-cation experience.
  • Make your own spa hour at home with a foot soak, heating pads, and facial mask. Trade shoulder rubs with your family members.
  • Read together. Tell stories. Play cards and board games. Old fashioned recreation (even by lamplight) can draw you closer.

Consider adding a few stay-cations to your calendar. Share your favorite ways to relax at home. I look forward to reading your recommendations!
Be Encouraged,

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