Vacation with Vitality: Must-Have Soul Treats

Summer whirls us into a flurry of activity. We race to engage kids and family in outings. Vacations demand planning, press us through an agenda, and cause weeks of post-travel catch-up. The season most tauted for recreation often turns into an exhausting set of tasks. While we could manage to squeeze in a bit of exercise and make memories with loved ones, sometimes the essence of vitality finds itself entirely neglected. Our souls.
If summer’s hustle has bumped spirituality off your schedule, don’t fret! It’s not too late to carve time to bless your soul. Faith food costs little or no money, and tends to enhance your productivity instead of taking time away from other obligations. In today’s post, we’ll discuss a few easy ways to renew your spirit before summer’s final rays sink past the horizon.

  • Savor the late sunset.
  • Get your feet wet.
  • Stretch yourself.(Scripture Yoga)
  • Come to your senses.
  • Taste and see (Ps 34:8).
  • Bathe in the light of illuminating words.
  • Pray with others.
  • Gather family or friends and give an hour together.
  • Memorize an inspiring verse, alone or with kids. Find a way to share it.
  • Soak in the Son and shine like the moon.[bctt tweet=”Soak in the Son. Shine like the moon.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
  • Practice extraordinary generosity with encouragement, peace, and smiles.
  • Make a game of recognizing blessings around you all day.
  • Listen with empathy to each person you meet.
  • Gather prayer requests and commit to lifting them up the same day.
  • Change your perspective. Lie under the heavens. Climb to a higher vantage point. Stand at the edge of a vast expanse.

What other ways have you nourished your soul this summer? Share with us. I look forward to reading your suggestions and feedback. And don’t forget to visit the post from July 3rd and comment for a chance to win a copy of Hope Prevails by Dr. Michelle Bengtson.
Have a blessed week!
Be Encouraged,

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