Vacation with Vitality: Keeping Cool

We all covet refreshment in the summer. Keeping cool might prove more a medical necessity than most of us realize. Minor symptoms of overheating include muscle cramps, rashes, or dizziness. Some find blood pooling in their ankles. If the hyperthermia continues to escalate, we can face a deadlier risk–heat stroke.
For a safe and comfortable summer, here are a few ways to stay cool:

  • Apply ice or a cold pack to the wrists and at sides of the neck, just below your earlobes.
  • Enjoy frozen (or fresh) watermelon bites.
  • Mix up your water choices with fruit or cucumber infusion.
  • After an hour of heavy perspiration, water might prove insufficient. Add an electrolyte enhancing drink. Try to watch out for varieties high in sugar, since these could make you even thirstier.
  • Fill a tube sock with rice and freeze it. Wear around your neck. Frozen peas also work well, but might not be useful afterward.
  • Freeze or wet a cloth and apply to the forehead, back of the neck, or wrists.
  • Run a drinking fountain over your wrists.
  • Soak your feet in cool water.
  • Make an aloe and water body spritz.
  • Enjoy a movie or trip to a museum.
  • Find a local river fed by a cool spring and go inner tubing.
  • Visit a higher elevation.
  • Tour the nearest caverns.
  • Make some healthy fruit-freeze snacks (pineapple whip, strawberry smoothies, blueberry parfaits, e.g.).
  • Learn to throw clay and sculpt a new platter.

What’s your favorite way to keep cool? Share your tips with us!
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