Vacation with Vitality: Best Mementos

Whether you staycation, beach yourself, or conquer theme parks, summer breaks offer vital opportunities to renew. The mind, body, and soul find restoration during periods of intentional rest. Relationships deepen and grow through playful experiences. And a change of pace can beget gratitude in the heart.
Our schedules must return to normal soon. Work, school, and the cycle of ongoing chores will resume. But we need not return as our former selves or lose our newfound joy in the ruts of monotony. We can carry our vitality with us throughout the year. All we must do to retain our inner blessings is simply remember them.
Distractions will test our retention of a renewed mindset, however. Amid blizzarding daily activities, memories become more slippery than sleet. We need tangible mementos to anchor our thoughts in blessings. Yet, not everyone has the time and patience to construct an elaborate scrapbook of vacation photos. Here are a few creative ways to preserve memories:

  • Collage gifts
  • Keepsake jars (can include a candle)
  • Shadow box gallery
  • Photo calendars (doubles as a Christmas gift for grandparents)
  • Screensaver montage
  • Schedule photos (e.g. one per 2 wks) on a social media posting app (e.g. Hootsuite) and tag those with you in the remembered event
  • Mirror frame project
  • Decoupage onto trays
  • Create a shadow-box coffee table with a rotating display featuring annual vacation themes
  • Load onto a video app and create a sharing loop with family
  • Create a banner with the photos to display at next year’s gathering
  • Have each family member choose a photo and make a flower for a vacay-vase arrangement. Add items among the stems or on the vessel to illustrate the trip’s highlights.
  • Suncatchers make excellent rainy (or snowy) day photo projects for young or grown children. The reminders will glow in the window and bring warm smiles to your faces.

What other ways do you like to keep memories alive? Share them with us. I look forward to reading your comments.
Be Encouraged,

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