Top 5 Ways to Find Encouragement

Despite growing access to supportive resources, humankind seems more discouraged than ever. We connect via screens to thousands and still feel isolated. Innovations provide new ways to ease our lifestyles each year, but the harried pace only intensifies. In the disconnected, busy chaos of our existence, meaning and hope wither.
Though often buried under the world’s bleak, trivial, and futile noise, inspiration is not extinct. Revitalization rarely dribbles onto one’s head by happenstance. Like all worthwhile things, spiritual renewal must be sought. We must determine to break from the rut of our daily grind and forge a new pattern. Out of discouragement. Away from disconnection. Onward in a quest to establish an inspirational lifestyle.
Once we’re resolved to live rather than simply exist, we need direction. Today’s video offers the following ways to find regular encouragement:

  • Laughter
  • Beauty
  • Prayerful Meditation upon Scripture
  • Positive People
  • Choose growth
  • Be an Encourager

What source of inspiration will you seek this week? If you’re a writer, you may glean encouragement fromĀ Inkspirations Online. This weekly devotional publication offers online access or email subscriptions free of charge. If you have found other uplifting tools, share your resources with us. I look forward to reading your comments and connecting with you.
Be Encouraged,

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