Top 5 Tips for Emotional Health: Live with Brilliant Balance

The Importance of Emotional Health

In this series, we’ve examined the keys to a balanced life. Certain aspects serve as a foundation to establish how well we function in every other part of our lives. Spiritual and physical wellness determine performance, fulfillment, and our effect upon others. Emotional health proves another underlying factor with comprehensive impact.

Epidemic of Non-Muscular Heart Conditions

Despite efforts to raise awareness and reduce stigma, our inner struggles remain prevalent. The National Institute of Mental Health reports 44.7 million adults–one in five Americans–suffer from a mental health condition but less than half receive help. Teens showing the same rate of diagnosis also drop out of school at a rate of 37%. Statistics show alarming increases in those suffering from emotional distress, even registering depression as the top cause of disability in the United States.

When to Get Help and Self-Help

Many people facing emotional struggles ask when they should get help. They want to know the line determining when it’s too much to address on their own. Though culturally understandable, they’re asking the wrong question. We’ve grown accustomed to the notion of withdrawing behind our digital screens and seeking ways to deal with life from within our own personal walls. This pattern of disconnection has become a modern plague which renders us vulnerable to a host of other unwell conditions.  Support and self-help don’t work for us as either-or options, but as both-and solutions. Whether we qualify for a clinically diagnosis or not, we all need some form of emotional support and self-help.

Tips to Optimize Emotional Wellness

Today’s video discusses the following tips to secure emotional wellness as part of a balanced lifestyle:

  • Honesty and self-awareness
  • Examine each alert and determine its source.
  • Own your power to choose a positive response.
  • Plan your emotional diet.
  • Graft into a healthy vine and don’t cut yourself off.

What practices will you put into effect this week to improve your emotional health? Feel free to share helpful feedback in the comments. I look forward to staying connected with each of you.
Be Encouraged,
Mental health statistics obtained from the NIMH website.

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