Tonight’s Perspective and Prayer

As I put the finishing touches on the graphic for my previously scheduled post, the power went out. The palm tree in my front yard thrashed its head. My trash bin dove into the street. The water level rose to the lip of my pool. I peered through my windows from the darkening interior of my home. Though I had yet to eat dinner, I couldn’t bring myself to complain.

This is not so bad, really.

As I sit in the lingering cool of an air conditioned day, an entire town sifts through the rubble of their homes in Kokomo, Indiana. Many across Louisiana wish they close their mind’s eyes from the memories of their loved ones, livelihoods, and coffins floating away before them. The acrid smell of smoke clings to the skeletal remains of neighborhoods in the west. And in the distant east, Italian schoolteachers wait to find their students’ remains in the rubble which once housed their hopes for the future.

In these, and so many more places, our world knows true suffering. No, I can’t bring myself to complain. But I can pray for those who struggle. And so can you.

Instead of my regular sort of blog post, I’m sending out this call to prayer on behalf of all those who find themselves in the center of a horrific crisis. Will you take some time this Labor Day weekend and join me in prayer for those who need it most?



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