To Be Continued???

An author could pause in the middle of a story’s climactic scene for various reasons. Writers must strive to torture characters and keep an audience in suspense. Plots thrive upon tension. Lengthening an intense moment could serve to amplify it. But I stop here for ulterior motives.

Allow me to draw back the curtain for a moment. I am preparing two manuscripts for an upcoming writers conference while awaiting the publication of an additional book. Deadlines for article opportunities lurk around the corner. Imagine a horror novel in one hand and an urban fantasy in the other. Now that you’ve glimpsed the writer, I’d like you to show me a peek inside your thoughts.

If you have enjoyed The Worry Curse, the continuation hinges upon your vote. Should I offer the entire story free to online readers, save it for publication, or set it aside as a free download available as a gift to beta readers or contest winners?

In addition to yea or nay votes toward finishing this free tale, you have an opportunity to shape the course of other manuscripts. Share the moments which piqued your curiosity. Are there things you wonder or hope for as the tale continues? What do you love or dislike about the characters, setting, plot? Your feedback offers vital information to help me craft multiple stories.

Laina and Arden hold their breath as we await your response. Their fate depends upon you, after all.

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