Tips to Live with Brilliant Balance

We long for brilliant lives.

For true success and intrinsic meaning. We sigh in admiration at Olympians, entrepreneurs, acclaimed artists of various disciplines. Some of these cultural kings inspire billions with an impact which continues to resonate long after they’ve gone. Yet success crushes many of our world’s most famous icons. Whether through corruption, health issues, or both, this mortal journey devours those who fail to maintain lifestyles with healthy balance. Spiritual, physical, and purposeful elements complement and strengthen one another in the lives of individuals who demonstrate brilliant poise. These models of wellness generate ongoing blessings to all the lives who interact with them. The souls who exude brilliant balance may or may not achieve fame or wealth. Regardless of their social status, they will live rewarding lives and fulfill their potential while bolstering the fruitfulness of others.

The pressures of achievement

may tempt us to neglect our spiritual, physical, and relational well being. Many see success as the enemy of spirituality as well as physical and relational health. But, our greatest fulfillment and potential actualization occurs when we tend the soul, maintain its temple, and feed our neighbors with nourishing heart-fruits.
In this blog series, we will discuss tips to live with brilliant balance.

Learn to fulfill your potential.

Rather than sacrificing your soul, body, or relationships, optimize all life’s components to actualize your best self. Today’s video addresses the first steps toward living out your life’s greatest blessings.

  • WHO you want to be
  • WHY you matter
  • WHERE your purpose aims
  • WHAT long-term goals and short-term goals align with your ideal character and purpose
  • WHEN to schedule time for each element of wellness:
    • daily, weekly, and seasonal soul care
    • health and fitness
    • emotional well being
    • career goals
    • relationship tending
    • community purpose (local and global)

In the coming weeks, we’ll address each component in greater detail. I hope you’ll join us. Please share your comments and questions about life balance with us. I look forward to sharing with you.
Be Encouraged,

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