How to Become Your Best Self

Our current blog journey seeks how to Live with Brilliant Balance. The race for success ends in a fatal crash when we neglect holistic maintenance along the way. Fulfillment of our true potential requires us to prioritize more than the position we aspire to reach. A certain companion shadows every life-traveler. Day and night. No matter who else accompanies or abandons us. This one person will be there with us at the pinnacle or fall from it. No matter where we end up, we must face ourselves as unshakable company. So, regardless of the heights we surmount in life, we must consider who we will be when we get there. Therefore, attending to character must remain a top priority along the way.
In the quest for our optimal life, the first step is to identify who we are and who we hope to become. To accomplish character goals, we need to balance introspection with spiritual insight and others’ feedback. No one begins this quest with perfect self-awareness. And others may see us through their own cataracts at times. Those with a Christian faith have the benefit of the Holy Spirit’s insight, a clear and objective view of our needs and best practices. Contemplate several perspectives to form a plan to guide you from where you are to the best self you can become.
Today’s video encourages consideration of the following elements toward cultivating your best self:

  • Learn your personality type (Introvert, Extrovert, Reflective, Action-Oriented, e.g.).
  • What does your personality indicate about needs and best practices?
  • Identify and embrace strengths (gifts, talents, personality characteristics).
  • Identify limitations and blind spots (Often shadows of strengths).
  • Find people to support you where you are not as strong and to help you recognize pitfalls.
  • Listen to wise counsel. Wisdom speaks truth in love. Correction differs from shame. Learn to recognize the difference and seek those who offer you supportive insight. Gather accountability partners and keep a close circle around you like a life preserver.
  • Connect with God and listen to His promptings about character polishes. Your best self is spiritually aware and soulfully nourished.
  • Meditate upon your ideal inner self. Who do you aspire to be as a person? Align your character goals with your strengths and core personality traits.
  • Consider what you could minimize or increase in your thoughts, attitudes, and behavior to help you grow into your ideal nature.
  • List steps.
  • Take one element at a time.

Find supportive counsel, such as a wise friend, pastor, or life coach. Don’t procrastinate or hurry the process. Begin the exciting journey toward your best self today.
I used a different format to record this week’s video due to my attendance at Blue Ridge Mountains. Live video should resume for the next post. Until then, feel free to offer comments here. As always, I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your journey.
Be Encouraged,

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