Tips for Making Time to Give: Live with Brilliant Balance

Modern lifestyle experts often focus on how to achieve satisfaction through self-care. While balanced living must include personal wellness, the happiest and most fulfilled individuals do not live merely to serve themselves. Community participation combined with a sense of higher purpose elevate a person’s sense of meaning and joy.
Put simply, [bctt tweet=”we get more from life when we give back. ” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
In a world where “busy” has replaced “fine” as the answer to how we are, finding time to volunteer proves challenging at best. Today’s video addresses tips for balancing your busy life with opportunities to serve.

  • Make service an identity priority.
  • Keep your season in mind.
  • Pray to determine a suitable level of service.
  • Align service with passion and purpose.
  • Do something at least every quarter, no matter how small.
  • Try volunteer positions on for size. If the task doesn’t fit, try another one.
  • Ask for guidance from a mentor, life coach, or pastor in choosing a way to serve.
  • Journal how you feel about volunteering. Include feedback, when you can.
  • Set healthy boundaries. Know your limits. Learn how to say “no” when you cannot do more.

Have you had a volunteer position which brought you a sense of fulfillment? If you have additional tips on serving with brilliant balance, please share them with us. I look forward to reading your comments.
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