This Week's Recommended Read: Fight Back with Joy

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At a women’s event in Orlando one year, I unloaded an armful of books onto the author’s signing table. “These will be my medicine cabinet. I share inspiring books with people who need a dose of joy.”
Humor conveys scientifically proven health properties. I often recommend laughter to alleviate stress and anxiety, but it also accelerates healing and boosts immunity.
Margaret Feinberg proclaims the power of intentional joy in her book, Fight Back with Joy. When I first heard about the book, I wondered if the subject might prove superficial. Then I read its gritty and convicting pages. Feinberg relates her personal struggles and triumphs during a grueling battle with cancer. The book notes the sustaining strength of choosing joy when it least makes sense. She relates how she implemented humor and positive messages to lift her life. And how we can do the same.
I gave away my copy of Fight Back with Joy two weeks ago, and now I’d like to offer its blessing to you. Though I no longer have a physical edition to hand you, I can direct you where to get it. Check out Margaret Feinberg’s website. You can also find her book in Lifeway stores or download a Kindle version from Amazon.
Let me know what you think. I look forward to reading your comments.
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