The Ornament Keeper: Interview with Best-Selling Author, Eva Marie Everson

As we turn the calendar page to enter the Christmas season, many of us search for stories to help us embark upon the holidays in meaningful ways. Others may seek beautifully crafted tales set in beautiful settings into which we may escape and enjoy a delightful read. I’ve found a literary treasure which offers both such things, wrapped in a Christmas package by celebrated author, Eva Marie Everson.

As you’ll discover in today’s interview, this lovely novella serves hearty truths seasoned with delectable writing skill. Acclaimed Everson discusses profound themes saturating her delicious work of literature, such as the following:

  • forgiveness (of ourselves and others)
  • personal issues which remain buried, yet continue to wreak havoc in our lives
  • insecurities
  • love worthy of hard work to keep it alive
  • misunderstandings
  • poverty within v.s. financial status
  • AND so much more …

This novella is not a typical, holiday romance tied up in an all-too-neat bow. The Ornament Keeper offers readers the inestimable gift of profound insights wrapped in glorious writing. I encourage you to receive this beautiful story as a present to cherish and share with those you love.

Ring in your copy of The Ornament Keeper on Amazon ( or at your favorite retailer. Learn more about Eva Marie Everson at

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