Relent: A New Paranormal Read

Allow me to welcome distinguished author, Kat Heckenbach as today's guest post contributor. I recommend her writing to avid readers of speculative fiction, and look forward to each new release. When I started writing Relent, I used the working title Guilty. My goal was to show that anyone, no matter how…


Revisionary Author Interview

  Author and fellow Word Weaver Kristen Hogrefe gives us a glimpse into her new YA novel, The Revisionary, releasing this June. The novel is the first in a new trilogy published by Write Integrity Press called The Rogues where future and past civilizations collide in a futuristic, dystopian setting.  …


Recommended Reading to Achieve your Dreams Many of us dream of living with purpose and meaning. Books can inspire and guide us toward optimizing our gifts and talents toward a fulfilling life. Let's dive into these recent works by two of my favorite authors. First, read Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson to identify your divine…


Read Yourself into the Christmas Season

  As promised, the links to the books mentioned in today's video are as follows: God Bless Us Every One by Eva Marie Everson Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas by Ace Collins I also referenced the movie, Saving Christmas, by Kirk Cameron. Despite the low budget of this production, its…


Time-Carving Tips: How to Savor your Holiday

Set priorities. Schedule the best slices first. Variety adds joy. Serve yourself a colorful plate. Set boundaries. Cutting bones dulls the knife. Leave room for dessert. Keep meaningful goals in mind and maintain perspective. Thankfulness and relationships matter. The rest of your holiday activities are just insignificant details.


Book Recommendation – IF

I listened to this inspiring book as an audio download from my local library system. But a single pass over the content wasn't enough. After listening to Batterson's amazing insights, I had to own a tangible edition. Much like the ground-breaking Circle Maker, the stirring concepts compelled me to recommend the book…


Scripture Yoga – Book Recommendation

Scripture Yoga: 21 Bible Lessons for Christian Yoga Classes by Susan Neal   Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for our bodies as well as our minds. Recent scientific studies have concluded that yoga and meditation improve cognition and memory as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Scripture Yoga provides…