Supportive Networks: Empowering or Debilitating?

Today’s video points out the key factors in developing a network of personal support for an empowered, optimized lifestyle.

Why do we need a supportive network?

  • Support in times of crisis – not a question of IF, but WHEN we need others to help us through hardship
  • Fulfillment cannot occur in isolation
  • Others can see the strengths and growth opportunities lingering in your blind spots.

What critical elements distinguish those who empower from those who debilitate?

  • Shared values – others-orientation v.s. sheer self-promotion
  • Consistency – regular contact
  • Trustworthiness (boundaries, healthy relationship dynamics, not one-sided)

We’ll discuss issues of trust further next week. Tune in to see more details about filtering and establishing degrees of intimacy in social and personal relationships.
For those who struggle with difficult relationships, life coaching can help navigate the challenges of dealing with toxic or complex dynamics. There might be a life coach in your area who would guide you through this process. If you do not have a coach or have scheduling challenges, I offer individual sessions via Skype for accessibility and convenience. See my coaching page for more details and feel free to email me at if you’re interested.
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