How Successful People Think

Dreams stir the air above our beds and glimmer on the horizon as we trudge through the workday. In all our weary struggles to make it from one day to the next, wishes of success linger in the back of our minds. We can glean from a myriad of sources, all promising the how-to’s of accomplishing a goal. Many offer viable strategies and proven steps toward a fruitful life. We can equip ourselves with the optimum tools, yet still find ourselves mired at the base of a mountain. A formidable obstacle looms before us–our thinking.
John Maxwell offers the keys to overcoming these mental roadblocks and implementing powerful thought strategies in their stead. In How Successful People Think, Maxwell notes eleven cognitive habits we can rely upon to guide us to a productive life. His storytelling and conversational style render this book a quick and easy study for the busiest of us. He closes each chapter with a “thinking question” encouraging readers toward implementing new patterns.
This little success book launches with a challenge to adopt big-picture thinking. Maxwell inspires us to learn continually and embrace life with full awareness which allows us to see what others do not. He funnels this expansive view into training ourselves to think with focus so we can prioritize our lives to cultivate success in our destined areas.
The third chapter sprinkles an unexpected flavor into an otherwise business-oriented recipe. Many organizations and leaders neglect this element with anemic results. Maxwell underscores the critical nature of creativity. He notes, “Creativity is being able to see what everybody else has seen and think what nobody else has thought so that you can do what nobody else has done.” He describes this realm of thought as adding “value to everything,” and offers specific steps to stimulate personal and corporate creativity. He notes the importance of collaboration, devoting a later chapter to the matter. As a leader who epitomizes the principles he coaches in others, Maxwell also includes a chapter highlighting the importance of integrity and unselfish thinking.
How Successful People Think wields powerful concepts within its few pages, ranging from possibilities to realism and strategy. An opportunity to learn insights from America’s primary authority on leadership rests in less than an hour’s read. Along with a lengthy catalog of his other best-selling titles, How Successful People Think is available on Amazon and other publishing retailers. I encourage you to check out this beneficial gem and share your thoughts with us.
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