Story Crumbs and Winner Announcement



I wish the sky fell. Or disease overwhelmed us all in a matter of weeks. Nuclear holocaust. Terrorist regimes. Give us any other form of devastation. Humanity once feared the world would end. We now can only pray for such mercy. But no one prays much anymore. The concept of God faded along with our lives. A dying existence plagues us. I wish the end came with a bang, tyrannical overthow, or at least a terminal cough. Instead the apocalypse came from within us. Pernicious, unannounced, and deadly. I welcomed it. As did we all. Few of us question whether we deserve this. Even fewer hope we can escape. I am one of these odd few. Today, I must continue my search for a way out. Even if it kills me. Or destroys us all.



Story Crumbs …

I’ve left you a bit of crust on the path. To see who might follow these curious fragments. I look forward to reading your comments as I decide whether to continue the foray into this science fiction adventure.


Winner Announcement

We have a winner in the contest! Sally H. wins the dragon modifier prize with her word, “mordant.” Congratulations, Sally! Stay tuned for future contest posts and more opportunities to win.

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  1. Donna Mumma

    You have me curious. I would like to see what unfolds.

  2. Donna Mumma

    You have me curious. I would like to see what unfolds.

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