Steady on the Rock

steady rock


“With bitterness archers attacked him . . .
    But his bow remained steady,
    his strong arms stayed limber,
because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob,
    because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel . . .
    because of the Almighty, who blesses you” (Genesis 49:23-25).


A chill brushes your shoulder in the dusky hall. Shadows flit out of view and crouch just beyond the threshold. Slinking against walls, across floorboards, to any vantage point offering a better shot. Dark nostrils flare to inhale your scent. The metallic aromas of fear and doubt mingle with earthy tones of entitlement. Sneering, the intruder draws a poison arrow taut against his bowstring. He aims for the head, but salivates while considering its impact on the heart–and, even tastier, the soul.

Strategy and humanistic powers will fail to defend your supple flesh from this insidious foe. His affiliates sell those cheap brands of armor, and his weapons pierce them like hot irons through butter. Evil penetrates all our best defenses. One force remains strong enough to secure us against his attacks.

Rock. Not a refined rock to string onto jewelry. Not a palm-sized reminder stone to shove in a pocket. Nor is it a fist-heavy block to hurl at other people. Our best defense can neither be cut to preferable shapes, hidden for PC, nor wielded to bash undesirable neighbors. More than any common boulder, THE ROCK transcends size and manipulation.

The Solid One provides a stronghold for us to dwell in and stand firm upon. Christ remains the only hope of true security. He steadies our hands and strengthens our arms. The Lord protects those who ask to live in the shelter of His truth and love. And He empowers us for victory against the darkness which lurks around us at every turn.

What arrows whiz toward your head today? Criticism? Bitterness? Shame? Examine your thought patterns for negativity and identify the enemy’s poison thought arrows. Ask the Holy Spirit to deodorize your soul from toxic fears, self-centeredness, and doubts. Notice the enemy’s advances and crawl into the security of God’s protection. The Lord, by definition, remains our one true armor and the only one “who blesses you.”

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