Spring Ahead Rays linger over the horizo

Spring Ahead
Rays linger over the horizon to provide evening strolls and extra kickball innings. Leaves unfurl their fresh limeade colors in celebration of the season. Ashes swept from the hearth, a fresh home stands ready to welcome Easter.
The dawn of Christ’s resurrection serves as a beacon during our Lenten season. Our reflection upon the Lord’s sacrifice culminates on Good Friday. We pause to consider the chill of death before our praise for new life rises on Sunday morning.
Celebration should not settle onto that morning, nor should it rest with our thoughts at the end of that day. Easter offers more than a day’s pause to rejoice. Well positioned in the season of new birth, Resurrection Sunday offers the impetus to spring ahead with joy.
Let’s embrace the propelling effect of eternal life and burst forth. We can wear the brilliant color of His glory for more than a season. Why not decorate our homes with hope, light our neighborhoods with love, and accessorize with joy all year long?

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