“Really spoke to me.”

“Kept me engaged.”

“Humorous and insightful.”

“I needed to hear that today.”

Energize your next event.

With compassionate perspective and enthusiastic fire, Tina delivers a rekindling experience that captures and transforms. Participants are energized to ramp up from mere existence into life. Activities included in the workshops anchor learning for long-lasting impact. Curriculum materials for event directors to implement before or after the workshop are available upon request. With humor, transparency, and wisdom she addresses audiences in a way they will both enjoy and remember.

Sample Topics

  • Shoes Wisely: How to Walk with Confidence and Purpose
  • Tune into the Game: Win with Communication Tools
  • Beautiful Warrior: Journey from Shame and Self-Enmity to True Significance
  • Subdue Stress and Anxiety
  • Alert the Border Patrol – Tools for Relationship Success
  • Sheepish – Peace and Security of Life with the Shepherd
  • Parenting Tool Kit
  • Inhabiting the Heart of God: Intimacy with Jesus
  • Mosaic:  Beautiful in our Brokenness
  • Squeezing Sugar into Life’s Lemons
  • Unlock Your Secret Potential
  • Bee a Blessing
  • Become the Hero of Your Story
  • Thirst No More
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Sample Clips

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Guest Appearances
I’d love to serve your online audience as a guest on your program. For  examples of guest appearances, check out these clips and show episodes.

Let’s chat about how I could offer support for your organization’s next event. For availability and other information, please get in touch.

Scheduled Events