Slay Your Inner Dragons: Divine Warrior Training Series Part 4


The smoke settles across our fire-scorched battlefield. Beside us, the mud groans as it swallows the two severed dragon heads of distorted identity. The dragon’s sister also decays on this field. Misplaced authority oozes its last bit of stench into the distant wind. The paved road glimmers with fresh dew near the foot of the majestic peaks ahead.

Wiping the gore of slain enemies from our swords, we gaze past the fallen beasts to assess our next steps on this venture. A deafening screech rips the breath from our lungs. We search the skies to find a massive shadow swooping in to eclipse the sun. Darkness crashes onto the land. Thunderous footfalls  send tremors quaking up through the soles of our boots.

We now face the dragon of our fears.

The third dragon, fear, prowls as an apex enemy in our land. He inhales the air he has tainted. The scaly lips of our enemy curl into a sneer and reveal sinister jaws. The dragon’s legion-sized breast swells larger, and he looms before us as a foe of impossible size and ferocity.

But we hold weapons he cannot overcome. We must remind ourselves who we are. And whose we are. Of our army and its kingdom which render victory over this and all dragons. Lest this obstacle puff himself up and block our way to victory.

God knew we’d face this dragon. He sent us weapons, wisdom, the Spirit, and our fellow warriors as means to slay fear with confidence. Today’s video training discusses the following tools and skills for defeating the dragon of fear:

  • Use your sword. Scripture includes 366 verses on fear–one for each day, even on a leap year.
  • Stare the beast down to true size.
  • Replace “what if” thoughts with “even if” jabs of courage.
  • Refuse to cower in the trenches of self-protection. The dragon will scorch your frontline and trigger self-defeat among the ranks of the kingdom’s army.
  • Self-guarded trenches leave you to die as ash in the enemy’s fiery lies.
  • Speak the truth of courage and live it until you believe it.
  • Obey orders and trust your king to protect you.
  • As you move forward in obedience, you’ll witness God’s protection and the dragon’s shrinking size. Fear’s illusions make this dragon appear larger.
  • Spear the enemy with copious amounts of laughter.
  • Courage flows from the heart of Christ’s love for us and others. Drink his love liberally as you battle fear.
  • Anchor your boots with the cleats of truth. Keep your stance firm as you battle this dragon.
  • Don’t charge onto the battlefield alone.
  • Center your mind in prayer at all times. Remain aware of God’s presence and continually listen for the Spirit’s influence.

How do you fight fear daily? Do you have a favorite verse to help you fight fear? Share your insights and comments. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Be Encouraged,


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