Need Professional Writing Support?

“Tina’s expertise helped me imagine my character’s behavior and emotional ups-and-downs after being treated for an eating disorder. After I wrote the draft, Tina reviewed specific scenes. Her feedback on my character’s gestures, conversations, and family dynamics added authenticity to the story. Tina’s guidance is invaluable both for character development and scene reviews.
I’m very thankful for her help.”

– Johnnie Alexander, Best-Selling Author

Allow me to serve as your writing coach. I’ve hiked this challenging path of wordcraft, too. I know the struggles faced by new writers, which is why I serve as a mentor with Word Weavers International. I recommend joining a community of supportive writers, but sometimes a creative sojourner needs more individualized help.

Psychological Manuscript Reviews

As a licensed therapist, I have guided best-selling and aspiring authors alike to craft manuscripts with psychological authenticity.

Substantive Editing

If your manuscript needs polish to the style, voice, dialogue, character development, or other big-picture issues, I can help prepare your work for submission. While I encourage authors to seek proofreaders and line editors before final publication, I offer effective macro-edits. I have served on the first page critique panels with Word Weavers Retreats in Florida for years, and have been recommended by top industry experts for my work with optimizing scenes.

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