Self-Assessment to Launch the New Year


As the world packs away holiday trimmings, mankind shares a collective sigh. Though this sound resonates with similar depth across the globe, the hearts behind it express a multitude of emotions. Fond memories join the breath with a smile. Sorrow and heartache offer the opposite sentiments. Some of us hate to let go of the passing year, while others can hardly wait to burn the calendar pages to declare the end has finally come.

Whether the past twelve months have been blissful, excruciating, or bittersweet, every toe lines up at the threshold of next year’s frontier. The steps ahead depend upon how well we learn from the ones behind us. While many of us cringe at the thought of looking back, an insightful review offers vital wisdom for a successful future.

Today’s video offers the following tips for a self-assessment to launch your new year with brilliance:

  • Spirituality – How have I connected, learned, and grown? Where could I connect, learn, or grow more in my faith in the coming year?
  • Relationships – Have I been dependable? Given my best to others? Set healthy boundaries (to benefit both of us)? How could I spend more quality time, offer my best response, or set more beneficial and clear boundaries in the coming year?
  • Career – How have I grown in my work productivity and/or quality? Could I improve next year with regard to time management or productivity levels in my work?
  • Organization – Has my calendar kept up with my actual activities this year? Have I managed my living and work space with organization? How could I do better at planning my lifestyle in the coming months?
  • Health – Have I paid attention to my health this year? What areas could I improve upon (nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, relaxation, stretching)?

You might consider other areas of your life for reflection and planning, too. Share your intentions for the year ahead with us in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

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