Savvy Shopper Tips

This month, parents launch kids off to school, college students head off to dorms, and the rest of us prepare for autumn’s sprint toward Christmas. Whatever compels us to shop this season, most of us could do with a few bargains to get us through the last half of 2017. Today’s video shares my favorite shopping tips to help consumers get the most from their budgets year-round.

  • End of season or post-season
  • Head back to the clearance rack.
  • Retail me not
  • Free Cycle
  • Go sale-ing at thrift stores and yard sales for redeemable trash-ures.
  • Accessories don’t have to cost a fortune to make cheap outfits look like a million bucks.
  • Double your discounts.
  • Fridays and holidays rock.
  • Big ticket items have seasons.
  • Certain goods are best obtained on Black Friday.
  • Do your research.
  • Always look up reviews for service providers.
  • Courtesy can be rewarding.
  • Beauty products should always come with a gift.
  • Price compare, then shop your favorite retailer to see if they’ll match competitors.
  • Social media friends can offer insights on services AND products.
  • Prioritize the value items. Some things are worth paying extra to get quality.
  • Budget for all sizes of expenses.

What are your favorite bargain hunting tips? Share them with us! I look forward to reading your comments.
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