Ruby Slippers

Recent stay-cations underscored there’s truly no place like my home. Fresh seafood, sugary beaches, and fabulous resorts set the scene here. We have more theme parks, museums, and attractions in a two hour radius than any other destination. We boast sun kissed berries and year-round veggies. Our roads never ice over.

I find joy in the brief trips to other venues. Even when the journey begins to remind me of comforts missed at home, I retain a positive outlook. I search for all blessings available and seize opportunities to bless others. Excursions are temporary, and soon I’ll return home to stay.

My spiritual home outshines my earthly abode. Where I come from, glory floods the kingdom. God’s presence makes all other light sources obsolete. Music exhilarates souls and angels, and all of them harmonize without effort.  Joy warms each inhabitant to the core, and no one recalls suffering or darkness for it has been so far removed from their experience. Nothing on earth compares to my heavenly home.

Though my excursion here reminds me how distant life seems from glory, I can retain a positive outlook. I smile while seeking blessings to absorb and share. Divine music and light set my heart’s scene, reminding me where I’m from and where I’m heading once again. You might not see ruby slippers on my feet, but I assure you the power remains stronger in my faith-soled mantra–There’s no place like home.

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