Refresh Your Touch

Our hearts and souls pulse and flow with blessings, unique energy in rhythm with the flow of our individual design. A torso carries this majestic purpose from birth to end, but most containers also include limbs. Legs to walk the distance between souls. Feet, whose toes wriggle and grip the earth connecting it to other toes across the globe. Arms stretch. Fingers grasp. Hands hold others … when serving their purpose to touch well.
Sometimes our touch fails to reach others as intended. Like feeds plugging our digital worlds to a web, heart-soul impulses can lose strength or align with the wrong receptacles. Signals fade, or ping against unreceptive walls. Our connectivity needs refreshing now and then.
Here are today’s tips for refreshing your touch:

  • Play well with others.
  • Gift v.s. Trade
  • Know your role
  • Replace fear with it’s antidote. Make sure you use the unconditional formula of the solution.
  • Gift of presence
  • Recognize maladaptive connections and switch to productive output channels.
  • Set healthy boundaries!
  • Fresh requires inflow and outflow. Learn the art of receive-to-share living.
  • Communicate with fourfold integrity–beneficial, honest, clear, timely.
  • Protect your legacy of blessings. If you can’t say something nice … it probably isn’t time for you to communicate yet. Avoid tainting others’ opinions with negativity or bias against another person. Say emotional things in person to reduce risk of misunderstanding. Resist the temptation to┬ávent on social media.
  • “Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.” – Pulitzer Prize winning author and philanthropist, Edward Bok, who opened Bok Tower Gardens to the public in 1929, a year before his death.

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