Refresh Your Spirit

In preparation for Easter, we’ll continue our series this week to highlight revitalizing our spirituality. We’ve discussed mental, social, and physical health. These integrated parts of life weave together as a skin over the most vital substance of self–our core essence. [bctt tweet=”Well being begins and ends with the state of the soul.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
Focus on growth in the following areas to refresh your spirit:
1. Prayer and Meditation

  • Structured¬†(Thankfulness, Confession, Requests, Surrender, Worship, Scripture)
  • Listening
  • Dwelling
  • Ongoing

2. Inspirational Study

  • Scripture (Original Meaning, Overall Context, Personal Application)
  • Inspirational Reading
  • Independent, Group, Mentor or Teacher

3. Purification and Surrender

  • Different types of fasting
  • Remember the purpose
  • Remove distractions or toxic priorities
  • Faith strengthening through dependence and trust
  • Freedom from strongholds

4. Worship

  • Solitary
  • Community

5. Service

  • [bctt tweet=”The Christian spirit functions like a faucet of living water. Christ fills us afresh as we pour Him out.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]

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