Refresh Your Mind

We’re recovering from the lost hour of sleep this weekend, so let’s discuss a few ways to refresh our minds this spring. Today’s video suggests the following techniques to improve mental acuity:

  • Read across genres.
  • Learn a new concept or skill.
  • Change your mindset from problem-focused to puzzle-solving.
  • Adopt a moth-exterminating attitude toward negativity.
  • Don’t skimp on sleep!
  • Play.
  • Make lists and put everything on ONE calendar. Download short term memory banks and avoid overload.
  • Debrief.
  • Leave room for margin. Daydreaming is just as important for adults.
  • As thou thinkest, so art thou.
  • Use mnemonic techniques (rhyme, humor, color, music, e.g.).
  • Treat your brain as a vital organ. Nourish and care for the CNS.
  • CNS health relates to cardiovascular wellness.
  • Little things matter. Five-minute vacations can make a world of difference

Consult with a life coach for more tips on refreshing your mind and learn other vital ways to optimize your life. Hop over to my coaching page for more info onĀ convenient, online sessions. I’d love to join you for a virtual cup of java and offer a customized plan to optimize your life.
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