Refresh Your Health
This week’s video offers simple tips to adopt a healthier lifestyle this spring.

  • Refresh your attitude, because the foundation of health is actually all in your head.
  • Picture yourself at the finish line, then plot a course of baby steps.
  • Focus on this week’s baby steps. Take small steps on a one-way trip toward your ideal life. Consider hiring a life coach to get you started.
  • Eat to bless your body.

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  • Detoxify your body (without the fad diets). Pass on the processed foods, sugar, alcohol, fried ick (because if it’s good, you don’t need to fry it or drown it in fatty sauce), empty carbs, or any foods with more calories than nutritional benefit. Eat veggies. Drink smoothies and fresh juice. Add in probiotics and complex carbohydrates. Oats and apples provide a great source of fiber, for example, and keep you feeling full (some people prefer organic to further eliminate chemicals). Try new flavor enhancers instead of toxic syrups or lardy sauces. Spices like peppers, cinnamon, or ginger provide great zing to food and have specific benefits. For sweeteners, agave or stevia won’t spike your sugar levels. Local honey offers nutritional benefits instead of empty calories.

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  • Holistic medicine is still medicine. Consult an MD with expertise in alternative treatment options to avoid drug interactions and side effects related to specific conditions.
  • Drink the best water.
  • Stretch your life’s quality (don’t wait until the seventh inning).
  • Exercise to extend the impact of your spirit and the vehicle conveying its blessings to others.
  • Laughter serves as an effective prescription for cognitive and physical renewal.

Additional Reads for a Total Refresh of Your Health:
Love and Care for the One and Only You, by Michelle Medlock Adams
Scripture Yoga, by Susan Neal
Peace, Love, and Healing, by Bernie Siegel, M.D.

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