Refresh Your Self Image, Part Two

Last week’s post discussed the keys to internal self-image. Spirituality and character serve as the foundation of our self-concept. Our essence determines our potential impact. The effectiveness of our lives depends upon how well we express our divine potential to the world around us.
But sometimes our ability to connect falls short. People remain distant, misinterpret us, or offer a disappointing response to our attempts to engage. We can end up feeling as though we’re trying to express ourselves through a pane of soundproof glass.
Since living up to our potential depends upon how we affect others, image-examination is a vital tool. It is important to identify misaligned signals in the lines meant to communicate our divine message to others. Much of the way we present ourselves lies in a series of habits. Since the behavior is automatic, we can sabotage ourselves without knowing it.
Today’s video highlights tips to enhance the following aspects of outward self-image:

  • Facial expression
  • Body language
  • Voice tone
  • Eye contact
  • What NOT to say
  • Clothing
  • Strong smells
  • Appropriate humor
  • Visual cues to hurry or agitation
  • Find commonality, while honoring individuality.
  • Be mindful of conversational balance. Self image is optimal when it’s not all about you.
  • Pray for the light to shine through you. Avoid causing an eye infection (or hogging the spotlight, as above).
  • Focus on mutual benefit and service. How can we work together toward a larger purpose?
  • Respect as a Measurement Tool (check out common books of etiquitte, if you’ve never studied them)
  • Virtually courteous at all times (read texting courtesies and rules for netiquette)
  • How well am I honoring God with the way I present myself to others?

Here are a few links for additonal information:

Feel free to submit your questions and concerns about self image. I look forward to sharing with you again next week.
Until then, be encouraged!
– Tina

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