Refresh Your Self-Image, Part One

Self-image grows from seeds of identity and purpose within the soul. When we admit to ourselves who we are and recognize who we are meant to be, actualizing our potential can begin. Self-image first involves inner nurturing. Personal understanding of character roots us. As our seeds germinate and potential springs forth, we cultivate our growth. How we maintain integrity with our spiritual identity shapes whether we produce fruit to benefit others. Before addressing the persona we present to the world, this week’s video shares tips to optimize internal self-image.

  • Not a number
  • Unique, yet not alone
  • Designed
  • Personality vs Character
  • Preferences vs Purpose-driven Passions
  • What you declare true about the value of human life for loved ones cannot differ from your significance.
  • Who do you think you are? Write down your self-talk. Mark the negatives and write truths to combat them.
  • Journal attitudes about your past, present, and future. How do these compare to spiritual truths about your identity?
  • Identify toxic influences on your self-image, such as people, personal habits, media, and environments. Work to minimize or eliminate their impact.
  • Significance as Individual and Component of Humanity
  • Spiritual Gifts (28)worship, creative communication, faith, wisdom, prophecy, knowledge, teaching, speaking, preaching, pastoring, apostleship, miracles, discernment, deliverance, speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, intercession, exhortation, mercy, healing, service, administration, craftsmanship, hospitality, giving, leadership, evangelism, missions
  • Feed your self-image with positive input and service opportunities. How can you align your lifestyle with your spiritual identity? Look for opportunities to offer your gifts to bless others.
  • Continue to nourish your integrity and seek regular support from a healthy set of people (not just one person, but a community).
  • Self-image is vulnerable to blight and starvation when neglected. It can also drown A fruit bearing vine needs frequent tending. Watering, pest-control, weeding–all need to happen more than once. Not navel starting to the point of drowning in self-absorption, however.
  • Life coaching offers individualized guidance to build self-image. If you’re interested in convenient, online sessions, check out my coaching page for more information.
  • If you’d like a list of scriptures for divine esteem, email me at

Next week, we’ll discuss the outward display of self-image. We’ll list ways to clarify faulty signals and improve how we represent ourselves to others.
Until then, be encouraged!

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