Read for Well-Being: New Series

One of the top human goals is well-being. We all want to feel and live our best. Each of us dreams of achieving a life of peace and joy. Yet the term “well-being” itself proves nebulous and the means to get to the goal even more difficult to discern. What if we could set a specific pathway to a better quality of life? And, better still, what if the means to get there could appear right before our eyes and fingertips?
Sound magical? I suppose my favorite descriptions for this not-so-secret tool fall into a related range of words:  powerful, fantastic, transformative. And I’m inviting you to discover life-altering potential of books, too.
Reading can bring us to experiences which transcend magic, however. Word power originated as divine, so it’s no surprise that the gifts tucked into certain kinds of books could offer us opportunities to optimize our lives. In this series, we’ll examine certain types of books which can enhance our well-being and lead us to live our best.
Like a healthy physical diet, our reading plans should include a nourishing, well-rounded menu. I’ll review examples of the following vital categories:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Education
  • Healthy Living
  • Fiction
  • Inspirational (biographies, memoir, poetry, history)
  • Social and Relational
  • Emotional and Cognitive Health

Try reading outside your normal preferences to include a comprehensive list, and see how it might benefit you. What books have changed your life? I look forward to reading your comments and sharing this journey with you.

Be Encouraged,


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