Putting it Back Together: Crisis Recovery Tips

As Floridians, my neighbors and I are piecing normalcy back together after Hurricane Irma. Some of us have electricity. Some lost belongings, income, or even loved ones. A few of us had no visible damage to our homes.
We recognize that there are those who faced immense devastation from this and other disasters, both in the United States and across the globe. Those of us who endured comparably less impact face the post-storm week in a daze and wonder why we’re not able to function at optimal levels yet.
We’re fatigued, disoriented, and sometimes edgy. Our minds, emotions, and bodies had torqued themselves in preparation for disaster. And immediately had to put all the pieces back together. Sometimes life doesn’t go back to the same kind of normal. Whether a crisis results in major loss or was perceived, the mind still needs to recover.
As you rebuild life after any crisis, life-threatening or perceived, here are a few tips to ease the road to recovery:

  • Monitor your input – limit exposure to news broadcasts and other negativity.
  • Grace for yourself
  • Grace for others
  • Make lists.
  • Allow more time than you expect.
  • Replace little sections of normal each day.
  • Add some new touches of light as you rebuild.
  • Take time off from repairs.
  • Get adequate rest.
  • Pray and meditate.
  • Find supportive community who understand and empathize.
  • Reach out to help others.

Share any additional tips with us. I look forward to your comments.
Be Encouraged,

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