Prince Perfect

What’s romantic about this life, anyway?

Floor scrubbing princesses never finish their chores.

Mirrors and magazines declare “certainly NOT the fairest of them all.”

If a prince seems too charming, he often deserves a warning label more than a crown.

Hardships batter and dull the armor of aspiring knights. Those who muster their best gallop meet disappointed maidens waiting to be swept off to a castle on a stallion with rear-suspension and padded accounts.

Along the bumpy ride of reality, we find our longings rarely met upon time…At least not upon the time we’d wanted. If we do obtain something, say, once-upon-a-time, it fails to satisfy us for more than a moment. Happily doesn’t last ever after here.

Childhood dreams echo in our souls long after we’ve closed and shelved the storybooks. Our hearts long for romance, but imperfect people cannot satisfy our yearning.

I once vowed to crumple my hopes for romance and discard it forever. The expectation seemed impossible. I wanted to give up on Prince Charming, quenching love, and happily ever after. Denying my heart did not fill its emptiness.

My heart’s hollow spot existed before birth. I couldn’t wish it away. God formed each human heart with the same undeniable craving to belong in a love story.

Once upon a time, in a garden far away, the first man and woman lived out their roles in a magnificent love story. But a wicked enemy tempted them to bite a poisonous fruit. Though the villain promised them knowledge, the fruit tainted them instead. The man and woman forgot their roles in the story. Lost and frightened, generations have searched in all the wrong directions to find their passion and destiny.

We believe our hearts will resound if we discover romance with a noble human being. The rescuing mate eludes us, and our soul pangs deepen. While fairy tales remain fantasy, our inner cravings were designed for higher romance. Prince Perfect waits to whisk us to our destiny in a story of true love. Only the love of our King of Kings can quench the yearning of our hearts. Christ alone wears shining armor, riding the ultimate white horse. One day, the villain’s end will come. Then we’ll return to our Savior’s Kingdom and live happily ever after. In the pages of God’s Romance, we linger forever in the arms of our Beloved.

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