Praise Vitality

The setting sun claps against its oceanic reflection in a coral splash of applause. “Well done, Lord,” it seems to convey. “Once again, God has accomplished His perfect will in this day.” 

A crescent moon waits to take its place, grinning praises to the Star-Crafter Who set it as a light-bearer among the night spangles. Silver pulses send songs of light across the earth, glorifying the Light of the Universe.

The greatest hymns remain hidden from mortal view, but resonate with splendorous thunder around, through, and beyond us. Gilded melodies stream from the lips of saints and angels to honor the one and only Lord.

Praise and thankfulness to God connects creation to life-endowing Creator. Our spiritual well-being swells with vitality as we grow in sincere gratitude to the Lord. While we might never understand the power of praising Jesus, our strength has never grown because of superior intellect. Faith and love empower the soul, while competence continues to fumble for significance. 

Once in a while, regard nature’s exaltation regimen. Let go of the drive to comprehend it for a moment. Simply join the chorus, and flow with praise for the Sovereign Father. It nourishes life within and dribbles out of us to bless others.

I think I’ll take a walk and offer the sunset company right now. Will you join me?

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen” Romans 1:20

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