Party Invitation for Breaking the Chains!

Has anything in your life gripped hold of your shoulders and held you down? Pressed its weight on your chest until you’re straining for each breath?

Darkness attacks when we’re most vulnerable. Seizing us in its terrifying hold, the enemy crushes our strength in an effort to cripple us. Shadows zoom in to blanket our view. When unable to move, the sinister culprit urges victims toward despair.

When we’re in the pit, climbing out on our own strength isn’t an option. In Christ, we’re never abandoned to perish in the darkness alone. Heartbroken over our pain, the Lord is faithful to deliver us from bondage. He calls those he rescued to deliver the message of freedom.

Whether you’re in a crisis of suffering or have broken free, we invite you to join us in launching a vessel of hope. Together with twenty authors, venture into a journey of inspiration and freedom with Breaking the Chains.

Katy Kauffman of Lighthouse Bible Studies compiled this book of strategies for spiritual freedom. Let’s celebrate her empathetic and courageous ministry by sharing her vision today. Visit the Facebook launch at 7:30PM EST (Breaking the Chains Release Party). Check out the book on Amazon (Breaking the Chains). Edie Melson’s blog and Katy Kauffman’s site also feature posts for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at the party! I must mention, there will be gifts and giveaways to enhance the fun. We all love gathering with new friends and sharing encouragement with our family in Christ!

The darkness attacks us all, so we must keep the truth written in front of us.

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