Optimize 2018: Successful Relationships

Chocolates bulge from store shelves this month. Sale ads urge us to procure these sweet pounds to show our love … or adopt as our own. After all, who would leave a lonely velvet heart to languish in the clearance bin next week?
The pressure to sprinkle sugar, flower petals, or even diamonds on our relationships intensifies with each date crossed off on the February calendar. The hard-sell doesn’t stop with romance, either. Culture insists we buy love for our kids, friends, and even ourselves.
Instead of evaluating our love on purchases made for one day of the year, we can choose a more effective means to improve our connections with others. To optimize relationships, we do need to be intentional. Not necessarily with gifts, but in the way we map out our goals.
According to a recent TED talk, effective relationships ranks as the most significant factor in life expectancy. Healthy connectivity relates to kinships and friendships, and can include romantic partnerships or not.
Today’s video recommends the following ways to optimize all types of relationships:

  • Communicate more clearly.
  • Listen.
  • Set boundaries.
  • Demonstrate respect.
  • Balance truth and grace. Practice unconditional love, while setting limits.
  • Honor others.
  • [bctt tweet=”Give what costs your heart.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
  • [bctt tweet=”Apologize without excuses.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
  • [bctt tweet=”Forgive to free yourself” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
  • [bctt tweet=”Don’t struggle to justify or judge–both are above your pay grade.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
  • Reconcile to mend a relationship with healthy potential.
  • True love must cherish God, self, and others. Neglect of any part affects the integrity and quality of love for the rest.
  • Speak and receive truth in love.
  • Check ALL your relationships (family, friends, spouse, and self) for the following practices:
    • Patience
    • Kindness
    • Envy or jealousy
    • Bragging
    • Pride (considering oneself superior or more significant)
    • Insults, accusations, humiliation, or otherwise dishonoring someone
    • Selfishness
    • Short-tempered, easily angered
    • Keeping record of wrongdoing or slights
    • Smug when someone sins; delighting in evil
    • Celebrating honesty and truth
    • Always protective of others
    • Always trusting
    • Always hope-filled
    • Persevering through all challenges
  • In-to-me-see. Circles of trust and intimacy.
  • Play more together. Relationships are built upon play. Make dates with your family, friends, spouse, and SELF.
  • Grow into your potential by following the model of perfect love.
  • Journal monthly heart evals. Assess in a journal how you’ve loved yourself, God, and others better since last month’s check-up.
  • If you’re struggling with complicated or difficult relationships, contact a life coach or therapist for guidance.

How are your heart connections this month? Share with us how you plan to optimize relationships. Remember, your comments enter you to win a $10 Amazon card at the end of this blog series!
Be Encouraged,

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