Optimize Your 2018: Successful Goal Setting


Have you set resolutions? Maybe it’s a good day to let go of them. After all, you’ve got a 92 percent chance of failing anyway.
Though these odds might sound like an attempt to ruin your day, the objective here is quite the opposite. While the masses do scribble down a few intentions at the dawn of the new year and abandon them in six weeks or less, you don’t have to be counted among the defeated. Instead of dooming yourself to fail with the same old resolutions, you can set yourself up for success with effective goals. This series is designed to help you set up a map to accomplish your best in the upcoming year and beyond.
The posts in coming weeks will include tips for optimizing various areas of your life. Today, we’ll discuss the basics of effective goals:

  • Prioritizing (What can only be done by you? What can you delegate?)
  • Time Management (Chart your time use this week)
  • Effective Goal Design – SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time bound)

What areas are you interested in covering first? Do you have resolutions you’d like to upcycle into effective goals? Share your dreams for 2018 in the comments and enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card! I look forward to reading your comments and am honored to share in your success journey.
Be Encouraged,

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