Optimize Your 2018: Successful Goal Setting

Have you ditched your New Year’s resolutions? Instead of abandoning your good intentions, you can upgrade them and craft successful goals. Last week’s post covered the basics of SMART goals and prioritizing. Recognizing your overall purpose and the limits of your time are essential first steps. This week begins our journey into optimizing each area of your life using well-engineered plans.
Our lives consist of different components, which can harmonize or conflict with one another. Individuals define these a little differently, but we all experience the effects of how well we’ve nourished each aspect. With proper awareness and maintenance, the intersecting pieces can work in mutual support to optimize our lives.
We must consider specific and overlapping goals for:

  • Health
  • Shelter (household maintenance, financial security, etc.)
  • Personal (emotions, career, education, hobbies)
  • Relationships (family, friends, community)
  • Spiritual

Health tops the statistical charts for resolutions. Consider rewriting your intentions as sustainable goals.  What lifestyle changes could outlast the coming decade? How can you take small steps toward a purpose-centered wellness goal? Ditch the extreme diet and redefine yourself as a healthy eater. Swap one soda for a glass of water each day until water becomes your default. Add a little exercise each week until you’ve met a goal you can live with for years. Instead of going big for one month, rewrite the way you define yourself for the rest of your life.
What would you change in each of these areas to optimize your 2018? Draft a SMART goal in each area. Use positive and active self-definitions. Notice how these can overlap and work together. This series will explore each of these main categories to help fine tune your goals.
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