Optimize Your 2018: Realistic, Sustainable Personal Goals

We often leave our personal well being as a last priority. Today’s video explains why personal goals must take first place in our lives. Without a strong core, surface layers topple like bricks buckling on a house of cards. The demolition harms everyone around us.
Personal goals target the wellness of heart and soul. What might your inner needs cry out to you for this year’s focus? Respond in healthy ways to your emotions. Learn to manage stress. Listen to the growling of a hungry spirit and nourish it well.
Consider the following tips when defining your personal goals this year:

  • Take inner inventories
  • Listen to your soul’s needs
  • Esteem your purpose and dreams
  • Create margin and guard it
  • Seek regular nourishment
  • Schedule time for prayer, fun, and healing
  • Ask for support and give a blessing
  • Learn how to set boundaries
  • Know your true identity
  • Verbalize who you are becoming
  • Declare your goals aloud and in writing
  • Speak your truth and step toward it each day
  • Render your objectives in positives and rewards
  • Personal goals should still be SMART
  • Consult a life coach for support and guidance

What are your goals for 2018? Share your objectives with us. Your comments on this series enter you to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Plus, we’d all benefit from supporting one another.
Be Encouraged,

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