Optimize Your 2018: Realistic and Sustainable Goal Setting

Did you set professional goals for the coming year? If you begin to doubt them, perhaps the goals could use a slight tweak here or there. Try adding the following elements to optimize your objectives for success:

  • Think bigger. If you don’t have to stretch past your comfort zone, you won’t experience inspiration or growth.
  • Consider your vision. Each goal must support your overall purpose.
  • What are you afraid of? Perfectionism can be a sign of fear. Procrastination often serves as a red flag for perfectionism-based anxiety.
  • Magic wand tool. What would it look like to get there?
  • Genie tool. What do you need to get there (skills, knowledge, support)?
  • List and research how to gain your resources.
  • Baby steps. Break down the goal into smaller objectives.
  • Be accountable to someone, especially if you work for yourself.
  • Keep your big “why” in view.
  • Consider the “who” your work will benefit most. Pray for them daily.
  • Create ample margins. White space is essential to the content’s impact.
  • It’s better to be the right person in a low position than the wrong person in a high position. Make your character a priority at every step of your journey.

What are your professional goals this year? Remember to add your comments to enter the $10 Amazon card giveaway.
Be Encouraged,

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