My Nearby Refuge

“’Am I only a God nearby,’
declares the Lord,
‘and not a God far away?'”

– Jeremiah 23: 23

An endless list of unfinished tasks scrolls day and night across the back of my mind. If I work toward one goal, another lags behind. Time seems set against hope of accomplishing them all. Meanwhile, the clock’s persistence amplifies thoughts which tempt me to worry about my family. My own concerns strain against my serenity as I attempt to bear others’ burdens. Breathing and exercise help, but sometimes the old ad resurfaces in my memory…”Wanna get away?”

Where would you go to escape stress, renew your spirit, and recharge passion? Europe, Hawaii, or New Zealand seem like effective options, if only there were no cost involved. A spa day sounds nice, too. All the time away and money spent would soon fade, however, and I’d return promptly to the same stress and strain.

Wherever I went, I’d take my struggles along like luggage. Unless I took my respite with me, of course.

Thank God I have a refuge nearby and far away. No travel plans necessary. And my Best Friend paid the cost for me well in advance. Only You, Lord Jesus, continually relieve my stress, renew my spirit, and recharge my passion. No other escapes will work so perfectly.

How are you feeling this spring? Wanna get away? Be sure to pack Light.

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  1. Rick Stassi

    Amen. I am prompted now to read the chapter! God is good. He brings wonderful people (you) into our lives.

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