Mulling Spices

Ancient fragrances plume from the stovetop, furling out from kitchen doorways to permeate all inner airspace. Cinnamon, clove, vanilla bean…an entire melange of scents yet to be discerned. Festive spices waken the heart, drawing all within reach to taste a cup of soul-stirring joy. A mugful of cider warms chilled fingertips and invigorates winter-worn immune systems. Mulling spices cheer the home and welcome passersby. In the icy darkness of our world, I crave a mugful of comfort to sustain my soul.

Invisible delights far more ancient than these stir my spirit. Breathing them in rejuvenates my weary heart. I’m drawn to taste the aromatic wonders of His Love. Mulling over the Word of Life draws my lips into praiseful grins. Cheer-warmed fingers and toes wriggle to share joy. Coursing with Spirit-flavors, my soul strengthens against the onslaught of worldly afflictions. I rush to invite passersby with hugs, greetings, or sweet-scented smiles.

Have a merry, mulling-scriptured Christmas!

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