Mixed Bag

I’ve reached into the day and pulled out a handful of clutter. Change, appointment reminders, paperclips, a bead, bills, and a pen. Like every day, this one carries its own mix of  gems, distractions,  and potential. I must sort the pile in my grasp before I can put my hand to work. Sometimes I pluck the first item from the top. On other days, the shiniest bauble captures my attention. I’ve also taken our culture’s common habit of focusing on the trash at times. Without an intentional sorting of the day’s purpose, I’m left to random direction which leaves me feeling devoid of meaning or accomplishment.

Prayer serves as my best means to sort the day’s activities. Each day moves me into a new place in my adventure with God, so I might need to choose a different focus than yesterday. He knows which activities will align best with His plan in the hours ahead. So, I turn to Him in prayer to ask which item from the mixed bag represents His purpose for my day.

Change? God uses certain points in life to shift me to a different perspective or direction. If I don’t ask Him, I’ll miss the best time to turn over that new coin.

Appointments? I tend to check my calendar several times a day, since there’s little consistency in my schedule. While keeping my commitments remains a high priority, I must not allow the day-planner to blind me to divine appointments.

Paperclips? Beloved family members float through my mind at all hours, serving as my happy thoughts. I cherish opportunities to nourish those attachments. When I inquire of the Lord, He lets me know when it’s best to make time for existing relationships or grow new ones.

A bead? Bills? I trend on the practical side, paying the bills and maintaining my household and business schedules. Just because I value responsibility doesn’t mean I’d bore the warts off a troll. Shiny things tickle the little princess within me. Glittery shadows and polish remind me of fairy dust, and my Father King knows that about me. He allows me to enjoy times of fun and respite to rejuvenate my soul. Letting God guide my play keeps the balance of work and rest within my best interests so I don’t overdo either one.

A pen? I keep my pen in its own pocket because it has a terrible habit of vanishing. It transports my unique imprint onto the world. Thoughts, dreams, and each crafted turn of my signature flow from the ink of the voice God designed in me. The Lord poured an indelible purpose into each of us, but it can get lost at the bottom of the day if we don’t ask for specific time pockets from which to pull it forward.

Where’s your pen today? Ask the Lord to show you how to put it into a special place in your mixed bag. May the Creator bless each day and your signature upon it.


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  1. Sheryl

    Great post, Tina! Prayer should be 1st on our list.

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