Misunderstood? Learn to Speak their Language

You might be tempted to tune me out. I challenge you to stay tuned after hearing this week’s book title, even if you doubt its relevance. Understanding others’ heartfelt needs applies not only to romance, but also to a vast spectrum of other relationship categories.
Consider your daily interactions with others. Many of your work, family, and social situations require communicating your care and concern to facilitate the relationship’s goals. Customers respond best to personal service. Your workplace environment improves according to how well coworkers and supervisors care for one another. Family bonds and friendships depend upon experiencing heartfelt concern for one another.
Conveying value of your relationship isn’t foolproof. Attempts to communicate concern can backfire, leaving you feeling as if you’re speaking different languages. More likely than not, you are.
Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, originally targeted marital relationships, but subsequent books reflect the broader application of the concept to family and workplace situations. The premise outlines the importance of recognizing your own needs and respecting the different needs of others. Understanding remains a vital key to success in all types of relationships. The Five Love Languages demonstrates how to express sentiments which will be well received.
A love language refers to the way a person tends to experience care. An individual often feels most loved through one language, with others affording lesser degrees of impact. Chapman outlines five basic dialects: Affirmation, Time, Gifts, Service, and Touch. If a customer needs a handshake, for example, they might not experience appreciation if you simply offer a compliment. A child who longs for quality time might feel unloved when a service-languaged parent tries to show support by doing things on their behalf. Learning to recognize and communicate in the love languages others need to hear can optimize a variety of relationships.
You can find a list of sources from which to order The Five Love Languages on Gary Chapman’s website.
What’s your love language, and how has it affected your interactions with others? I look forward to reading your feedback about this book’s relevance to your relationships.
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